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We are a team of internationally experienced researchers and best-in-class technologists committed to aiding the scientific community with AI tools. We strive to attract talented individuals, and then, perfecting them with regular/on-demand training, dedicated mentors, weekly follow-up meetings, and a wide variety of challenges. Being with us, you are guaranteed to take on a big challenge and learn a ton!

Solve Real-World

We are keen on developing futuristic AI technologies to create a meaningful impact. We are pushing the realms of AI – every day – by envisioning, researching, and developing non-existing AI solutions to hard literary problems. As part of our team, you will be tested against the toughest real-world AI problems in which bookish good isn’t practically good anymore, and going beyond the limits is the only way forward.

Make A

We are a small team working hard to become one of the greatest tech companies in the world. Rather than becoming a small gear in a large machine by working somewhere else in a large company, we want you to become one of us, and strive to leave a positive imprint on this world.

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Engage in challenging, meaningful, and cutting-edge NLP research at Goddard through our 3-month Internship Program. The Internship Program is designed to give bright minds, a highly unique research exposure from Day 1 as part of our machine learning or UI/UX team where diverse backgrounds, experiences, and ways of thinking, are equally valued and included to make a meaningful impact.
We are always on the lookout for motivated candidates having interests or expertise in NLP, Data Science, UI / UX. Please refer to the following details before applying,

Commitment: Full-time/Part-time
Duration: 3-month (Flexible starting dates)
Compensation: Monetary/Non-monetary (Based on performance)
Location: Karachi (Pakistan), Remote

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FYP Group

Get an opportunity to work on a real-world machine learning problem as your Final Year Project with Goddard. Through this opportunity, the students will learn the startup culture and business practices, while working along with machine learning experts from our team.
We are specifically looking for motivated candidates with interests or expertise in NLP, Data Science, GAN, cloud computing (Preferably, AWS), UI/UX, graphics designing, calculus, statistics, and mathematical optimization. Please refer to the following details before applying,

Eligibility: 2nd or 3rd year undergrad students
Duration: Until graduation
Compensation: Monetary/Non-monetary (Based on performance)
Location: Karachi (Pakistan), Remote

Our Team's Testimonials

Muhammad Ali

Team GUI

Working in a professional environment with a professional team, will polish your skills, give practical applications, and will help grow yourself in a right direction. Goddard- Discovery provided me all the things, a great experience and I look forward to continue.Leaders are quite co-operative and guide alot.This startup will definately reach at pinnacle.

Ebad Ullah Khan

Team AI

Everything is being done in an orderly fashion which is really good. The main thing which I like is that the meetings are being held regularly, because I have seen that in the start the people are very enthusiastic but as time flies their presence also fades away. I hope this all continues.

Maryam Raza

Team AI

My internship at Goddard provided me with valuable hands-on experience and a better idea about what knowledge areas and skills I should attach more importance and make further improvement to in my further studies. So far the internship was a worthwhile experience and I feel that it has prepared me well for my professional career. It has a good working environment along with supportive members and soft deadlines.

Areesha Mujahid

Team GUI

Working at Goddard is a great pleasure for me. It’s been filled with learning and growing within the organization. The variety of my work made me learn a lot about myself, what my strong points are and what points needed improvement. With the amazing coaching I received at the company. I would recommend to freelancers or students who wish to attain and develop many skills that are beneficial towards their career path!

Ishaq Ibrahim

Team AI

I'm enjoying the work a great deal because I've learned a lot of new stuff and acquired many new skills since I started. The flexibility is also quite helpful, and the weekly sprint meetings are helpful for evaluating our approach and progress.

Syed Ijlal Hussain

Team GUI

Its really amazing to work in such a great Environment, polishing my Professional Expertise with Goddard. Applying my Knowledge of GUI Designing , Social Media Marketing, And Graphic Designing to play a best role as in Following Quote
The heart and soul of the company is creativity and innovation

Musabbiha Noor

Team GUI

I have learned a lot while working at Goddard. The working environment is peaceful and comfortable. Whole team is very supportive and appreciate all the efforts. The idea we have been working on is new and bring so many opportunities towards the future. I have had great experience working here.

Shah Jahan Ishaq

Team AI

My internship at Goddard has been a complete journey of enlightenment and hands-on learning. Trusting me with real-life projects, my mentors have guided me as to how one should navigate in the artificial intelligence world. Ranging from getting help from the seniors in the organization to browsing through a number of research papers, this internship has contributed to not only my software skills and knowledge but also to my interpersonal skills. Needless to say, over this internship period of mine, Goddard has been a safe place for me to learn, grow, and interact — a trait of successful organizations.

Muhammad Furqan

Team GUI

Working at Goddard has provided me with the exposure that all young, soon-to-graduate engineering students crave. I worked with several experts who were extremely helpful and accommodating of me and other interns. Meetings were held regularly and we were carefully guided through our weekly tasks. I feel that this internship has prepared me well for my future professional career and has been an overall exciting experience.

Rakia Shafique

Team AI

Everyone at Goddard is super nice and helpful. Their environment is very professional and encouraging. This internship has taught me a great deal regarding where I lack and where I should focus, and what steps I should take to advance my career in the field of AI. It has indeed been an amazing experience. I'm usually hesitant when asking for help, but not once have I hesitated during my time here.

Insiyah Talib Hussain

Team GUI

Working at Goddard was peaceful, comfortable and flexible in work. Sharing new ideas with team boosted confidence in our personalities. Reasearching over different aspects opened doors to new knowledge of tools, libraries and concepts of NLP in generating word embeddings.